Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments at Shelley & Pope
Dental Practice & Referral Centre

At Shelley & Pope Dental Practice & Referral Centre we understand that the words ‘Root Canal Treatment’ can cause anxiety and fear for most people. Our dentists are dedicated to ensuring your root canal treatment does not cause you discomfort and is as stress free as possible.

What is root canal treatment?

Endodontic treatment, often referred to as root canal treatment is carried out when the inside of the tooth (the root or pulp) becomes infected or damaged. This will cause the root to be very painful and creates inflammation with the risk of severe pain and swelling. Root Canal Treatment eliminates the cause of the pain by completely removing the diseased or damaged tissue from the tooth.

The root canal is meticulously cleaned, shaped and decontaminated, before securely filling it back up with a durable, inert material. This means you can be pain free whilst keeping your original tooth. There have been great innovations in the last few years to improve the comfort, speed and efficiency of this treatment.

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Your root canal treatment journey

Initial Consultation/Assessment

The first step in your root canal treatment journey at Shelley & Pope Dental Practice is an initial consultation. At this appointment we will discuss any concerns you may have or, if you were referred to us by your usual dentist, why you were referred. We will also begin an Endodontic assessment which allows us to give you a diagnosis and prognosis on saving your tooth/teeth.

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Treatment Planning

Following the Initial Consultation/Assessment we will discuss our findings with you and the options available to you. We will also provide you with a price estimate and an idea of length of treatment.


As treatment is bespoke to each patient there is no fixed number of appointments. However, a typical course of treatment will normally take place over two visits per tooth. The treatment is entirely dependent upon how complex your clinical situation is. Once the endodontic treatment is complete, the tooth will be filled. If you have been referred to Shelley & Pope Dental Practice at this point you will be discharged back to usual dentist.

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