General Dentistry

General Dentistry at Shelley & Pope
Dental Practice & Referral Centre

At Shelley & Pope Dental Practice & Referral Centre, we believe prevention is always better than cure and will always encourage you to look after your teeth and gums with regular check-ups and hygiene therapy appointments.

However, even with good regular dental care problems can still occur. If we do identify a dental problem, we will use the most effective technique to restore your tooth or teeth. At Shelley & Pope Dental Practice & Referral Centre we offer a wide rage of restorative treatments including white fillings, dental crowns and dental bridges as well as being able to carry out extractions.

Composite white / tooth
coloured fillings

Fillings are one of the most basic methods of restoring teeth. They do exactly what their name suggests - they fill a hole in the tooth that has been caused by decay, they also play an important role in helping us to keep a tooth for many more years.

In the past fillings were always made from either gold or a silver-coloured alloy called amalgam. Both these materials are extremely durable and in some circumstances they are still the best choice available. But they both have one disadvantage – they do not match the natural white teeth in appearance.

At Shelley & Pope Dental Practice, we use the most effective, modern, tooth-coloured materials to enable you to have white fillings. Unlike the more traditional grey amalgam fillings, the tooth-coloured ones look very natural, so no-one will be able to tell you have them.

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Unfortunately, on occasion, it may be necessary to remove a tooth because of disease, trauma or crowding.

Here at Shelley & Pope Dental Practice & Referral Centre we will do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure. After the extraction, it is important that you follow the advice given by your dentist to ensure the area heals as quickly as possible.

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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used to fix teeth that have been broken, weakened by decay or have a very large filling. The crown fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. It will also be tooth coloured, giving the restoration a more natural appearance, fitting in with the rest of your teeth.

A crown could be a good solution for you if you have some discoloured fillings and would like to improve their appearance. Also, if you have had root canal treatment, a crown will be needed to protect or cap the restored tooth, allowing you to eat and bite down on it as if it was a real tooth. Crowns can also be used to anchor a bridge or denture firmly in place in the mouth. Crowns are made from many different materials, including metal, porcelain or porcelain bonded to metal.

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge fixes an artificial tooth (or teeth) to natural teeth on one or both sides of a gap.

Some bridges have crowns at each end that fit over the natural teeth; others are fixed to the surface of the teeth next to the gap. Each bridge is carefully hand crafted by a skilled technician to emulate the natural teeth as closely as possible.

A dental bridge may take the place of one or more missing teeth and the results can be excellent with good function and aesthetic results. With careful maintenance, a well-made bridge can last many years.

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Whether you are missing a few, or many of your teeth, dentures could be the solution for you. They can restore your smile and make eating enjoyable once again.

A denture is made from hard-wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give your mouth a natural appearance. We provide excellent bespoke dentures that are constructed using the latest modern techniques and materials.

Correctly fitted dentures are designed to restore your lip support, therefore avoiding that ‘sunken face’ look that can appear following the loss of your teeth. You will be able to remove your dentures for cleaning, and our hygienist can show you how to best take care of your denture(s) and gums. As always it is important that you take extra care in your hygiene routine to avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatments (Endodontics) are carried out when the inside of the tooth (the root or pulp) becomes infected or damaged. Infection and damage to the root can be very painful, creating inflammation with the risk of severe pain and swelling.

Root Canal Treatment eliminates the cause of the pain by completely removing the diseased or damaged tissue from the tooth. The root canal is meticulously cleaned, shaped and decontaminated, before securely filling it back up with a durable, inert material. This means you can be pain free whilst still keeping your original tooth.

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"I had a fantastic experience, the service from start to finish from all the team was fantastic. Mr Shelley and his assistant went above and beyond to ensure my dentistry treatment was perfect. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone. Superb! Super happy with the finished results, thank you!!!”

- Caroline Austin

"I had my 1st experience at Shelley and Pope I was very nervous as I had multiple things wrong with my teeth, when I went in the receptionists were so warm and friendly I was then taken upstairs to see James what a pleasant person he looked at my teeth and put my mind at rest straight away, his nurse was really nice . After James and the hygienists advice my teeth and gums feel tons better. I am ready to start my treatment .Thank you."

- Chris Burton

"I've had another fantastic experience recently visiting my dentist James Tinning, the best dentist out there, such a personable and warm manner about him. Always giving me great advice on how to keep my teeth, clean, healthy and white. Have had no more fillings or problems since going to see James. I highly recommend James and the team over at Shelley and Pope"

- Helen Fleming
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