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Hygiene Therapy

Not every practice has a dental hygienist. However, many patients would benefit from treatment by a dental hygienist/therapist and we are happy to accept referrals from other practices for this. We accept referrals for:

  • Scaling and polishing
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Diet advice
  • Root surface debridement
  • Full mouth disinfection
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Our Hygienist & Dental Therapist

Rebecca Hanson BSc is our Dental Therapist and Hygienist.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Oral Health Sciences and qualified in 2006. Rebecca is a registered dental care professional with the General Dental Council. Her registration number is 103110

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Referrals to our Hygienist

We can arrange to see your patient directly without having to see one of our dentists first. However, we must have a signed prescription. Please download and print out the referral form and prescription here.

Please note that dental hygienists and therapists can see patients only with a written prescription from a dentist and we will not be able to see your patient without one.

If you wish us to conduct regular reviews and maintenance for your patient, we will need a new prescription every two years.

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Full Mouth Disinfection

In cases where a diagnosis of aggressive periodontitis has been made, your patient may benefit from a course of full mouth disinfection with adjunctive, systemic antimicrobial therapy.

In this procedure the whole mouth in disinfected in a single day. Amongst other advantages, this enables us to use a single course of systemic, antimicrobial therapy. Much research has been carried out into the effect of full mouth disinfection. One review paper is linked here. There is further detail in our patient leaflet about the full mouth disinfection procedure below which can be found here.

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Hygiene Treatment Fees

Please see our current price list on the link below for our fees for hygienist visits and full mouth disinfection.


Patient Information

Your patient will want to know what will happen when they see our hygienist/therapistWe have also produced a patient information leaflet which may be downloadedprinted out and given to the patient

Patient information leaflet

Refer Your Patient

To refer your patient, simply click here to access our secure online referral form.

Alternatively you can refer by telephone with your patient's details and an outline of the case. We will contact your patient and arrange an appointment. Please give the patient a referral letter and any radiographs etc to bring with them to their appointment. Alternatively send these items in the post.

By e-mail. When we receive your message we will contact your patient and arrange an appointment. If you need to send radiographs etc, please give these to your patient to bring with them to their appointment or send them by post. If you have digital radiography you can also e-mail radiographs to us.

By Post, please send a letter to our address below. If you need to send radiographs etc, please give these to your patient to bring with them to their appointment or include them with your letter.

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